11 Great Gourmet S’mores Ideas

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Gourmet s’mores can elevate a classic camping snack by adding unexpected toppings. Examples include peanut butter, candied bacon, and ice cream. These decadent ingredients make s’mores at events more delicious and memorable.

Here we go!

List of gourmet s’mores ideas

Here are gourmet s’mores ideas that event guests are sure to remember.

1. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter goes well with chocolate and marshmallows, so it makes sense to add it to s’mores! Whether you pre-assmble the treats or put out a DIY bar, include decadent peanut butter. For an even more upscale idea, you can keep the peanut butter warm or provide flavored peanut butter or other nut butters. This smooth spread makes any s’more more luxurious.

2. Ice Cream 

Ice cream is a genius s’mores topping. This delicious dessert has a better chance than most folks think at standing up to the heat of the marshmallow, and a small scoop always goes a long way! Ice cream can provide a cool contrast and be the ultimate nostalgic summer treat.

3. Candy 

Candy to add to s’mores could mean usual flavors like chocolate, peanut butter cups, or M’&M’s, but it could also mean munching on something with more artisan flair — like small-batch handcrafted bars, chocolate cherries, or non-chocolate options like sprinkles. These toppings are not just good on s’mores; they’re good on any sweet treat!

4. Nuts 

A handful of nuts, especially walnuts or almonds, are a secret ingredient to take s’mores to the next level. Nuts are also a great topping on ice cream, pies, and cakes, and a little dash of cinnamon sugar and a quick roast can add a rustic feel to your s’mores.

5. Candied Bacon 

Bacon and chocolate go great together, and this salty-sweet option makes s’mores savory. Bacon is a beloved treat, and while pairing it with dessert may sound a little strange, this ingredient turns s’mores into an entirely new experience. 

6. Pretzels

Pretzel s’mores, anyone? These rich, chocolaty, one-bite treats will only set you back about an extra $1 or 2. The saltiness from the pretzels compliments the sweetness of chocolate and marshmallows and adds an extra crunch to the sweet sandwich.

7. Caramel

We know and love caramel, that great finishing touch that makes desserts extra special and unique. We are also well aware of the yummy combo of chocolate and caramel, or as it is known, ‘Snickers,’. Adding caramel to your chocolate makes s’mores even richer. For a truly classy experience, use salted caramel.

8. Flavored Marshmallows 

You might not know this, but marshmallows can be flavored. Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry are common flavors, but you can also get the treats in exotic options like rose, churro, and honey. You can find flavored marshmallows on specialty shops and Etsy and may also be able to get some on grocery shelves or at local bakeries throughout the year.

9. Cookies

 S’mores are at their yummiest when eaten with chocolate-chip cookies. Feel free to swap graham crackers for the cookie of your choice, like chocolate or snickerdoodle. For an extra extravagant treat, you can also dip the cookies in a mixture of graham crackers, mini chocolate chips, and chunky peanut butter, or the topping of your choice.

10. Fresh Fruit 

You can take a break from the overly-indulgent gooey marshmallow-mixed goodies and give your s’mores a fresh kick. For example, toss in slices of fresh pineapple, kiwi, grapes, blueberries, or strawberries. You could even cover the fruit in chocolate before sticking it in the s’mores. Or, for a pop of bold color, leave the fruit as is.

11. Grilled S’mores

Grilling is a no-fail way to make s’mores. Simply preheat your outdoor grill to medium-high, wrap your s’mores ingredients in tin foil, and pop the packets on the grill. Or, if you are looking to avoid outdoors, simply pre-broil your s’mores in the oven on the broil setting. When the s’mores are out toasty, enjoy!


Many folks think that all you ever need for a tasty s’mores is your favorite chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers, but that is far from true. If you want to really impress at your next party or virtual campfire, try including some of these upscale ingredients and gourmet s’mores ideas to bring the treat to the next level. Just do not forget to ask party attendees to snap a picture or two of their masterpieces before digging in!

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