14 Best Virtual Campfire Ideas for Team Events

Virtual campfire ideas are activities, games, and themes that make online bonfire events more engaging and fun. Examples include ghost stories, virtual campfire happy hours, and s’mores kits. These touches help guests forget that they are not outdoors and add excitement to your online event. This article includes: online campfire activities for adults Zoom campfire […]

11 Unique S’mores Desserts to Try at Virtual Campfires

S’mores desserts are sweet treats that draw inspiration from the campfire classic and use marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers as the main ingredients. Examples include s’mores brownies, s’mores pie, and s’mores bars. These variations reinvent the sweet sandwich and add fun and novelty to parties, campouts, or virtual campfires. This list includes: no-bake s’mores desserts  […]

11 Great Gourmet S’mores Ideas

Gourmet s’mores can elevate a classic camping snack by adding unexpected toppings. Examples include peanut butter, candied bacon, and ice cream. These decadent ingredients make s’mores at events more delicious and memorable. Here we go! List of gourmet s’mores ideas Here are gourmet s’mores ideas that event guests are sure to remember. 1. Peanut Butter […]

How To Host A Virtual Campfire: Tips & Steps

A virtual campfire is a group event where folks gather on a video conference platform in front of a video fire to bond. These events are a great way to bring folks together, build team morale, and have fun.  This article outlines steps for doing a virtual campfire and tips for hosting a virtual campfire. […]

11 Fun Virtual Campfire Games to Play Online

Virtual campfire games are fun challenges for Zoom camping events. Examples include finish the lyric, virtual charades, and werewolf. These activities make the event more competitive, interactive, and engaging. This list includes: virtual campfire games for adults online campfire team building games easy games to play around a digital campfire Here we go! List of […]