We run tiny virtual campfires for remote workers with wildly smart stories, fun games and s’mores 🍪🔥

This is how we do it…

🔥 We facilitate 100% virtual team building activities for remote workers. The event is a virtual campfire, that includes historic ghost stories, icebreaker games, little competitions and real s’more making. It’s all the fun of a real camp night, with no mosquito repellent required.

🔥 Before your event, we will send your guests a tiny campfire kit. This kit includes a campfire-candle, wood matches, and s’more ingredients. On camp day, we send each team member a link to a video conference room and run the experience. Here are pictures of the s’mores kit:

🔥 tiny campfire is a 90 minute event, and is completely digital. Our energetic facilitators, aka Camp Counselors, will help create high spirits, engagement and shared memories for your team. We’ve run team building events for some of the world’s most forward thinking organizations, including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Pepsi, H&M and Netflix. 👻